Dj noDj

DJ noDJ is a six piece band that formed in early 2012 around a structured hour long Daft Punk set. Through hard work and elaborate instrumentation, DJ noDJ now performs genres spanning House, Dub Step, and Hip-Hop, as well as an assortment of other electronic/non electronic dance music. This is done in a style similar to a DJ, with each song flowing seamlessly into the next. To ensure every performance is as unique as it is intimate, DJ noDJ determines their set list in real time picking carefully from their ever growing repertoire of music.

With vocal modification abilities, both Charlie Otto (This Must Be The Band/Grood) and Kiley Moore (This Must Be The Band/BabeAlon5) split front man duties allowing accurate renditions of club anthems from artists such as Justice, deadmau5, sbtrkt, and Die Antwoord.

This Must Be The Band veterans Patrick Dinnen and Alan Maniacek lock down the rhythm section on bass and drums. Matt Gunsaulus (also a TMBTB veteran) of Chicago’s Origin of Animal is the man behind the synths making sounds that make you go, “whoa”. Dustin Row and Jim Holman split duties from show to show with samples, sound manipulation and auxiliary percussion adding a greater depth to the band. All members currently play or have played in bands with each other establishing a recognizable musicianship on a professional level.

Like DJ noDJ on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @DJnoDJchicago, but most importantly see them live and be sure to put on your dance pants!